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but may vary in crystal, finish, or shade options.

Murano Collection
Hall and Master Closets
Model: 96324AG2BE  

Body Height
14" (36cm)
17" (43cm)
Hanging Weight
15 lbs (6.80 kg)

Finish: Aged Gold
Crystal Quality: IMPERIAL Burgundy w/Amber Bells

Number of Bulbs: 5    Circuits: 1    Voltage: 120
Type of Bulbs: E12    Max Wattage: 40    

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Price: Call for the price of crystal quality desired.
(As in grades of diamonds, crystal quality determines the price.)

Call 1-800-840-7158 for prices, to view, order and locate your closest JRM Crystal Gallery Showroom.

Variations on Model 96324AG2BE
Model # Finish Crystal Quality
96324AG22E Aged Gold IMPERIAL Clear w/Amber Bells
96324AG22W Aged Gold IMPERIAL Clear w/White Bells
96324AG2BW Aged Gold IMPERIAL Burgundy w/White Bells
96324AG2EE Aged Gold IMPERIAL Amber w/Amber Bells
96324AG2EW Aged Gold IMPERIAL Amber w/White Bells
96324AG2GTE Aged Gold IMPERIAL Golden Teak w/Amber Bells
96324AG2GTW Aged Gold IMPERIAL Golden Teak w/White Bells
96324AG2ME Aged Gold IMPERIAL Amethyst w/Amber Bells
96324AG2MW Aged Gold IMPERIAL Amethyst w/White Bells
96324AG2SE Aged Gold IMPERIAL Sapphire w/Amber Bells
96324AG2SW Aged Gold IMPERIAL Sapphire w/White Bells
96324AG11E Aged Gold SPECTRA Clear w/Amber Bells
96324AG11W Aged Gold SPECTRA Clear w/White Bells
96324AG00E Aged Gold Swarovski Clear w/Amber Bells
96324AG00W Aged Gold Swarovski Clear w/White Bells
96324AG0BE Aged Gold Swarovski Bordeaux w/Amber Bells
96324AG0BW Aged Gold Swarovski Bordeaux w/White Bells
96324AG0ME Aged Gold Swarovski Violet w/Amber Bells
96324AG0MW Aged Gold Swarovski Violet w/White Bells
96324AG0SE Aged Gold Swarovski Med Sapphire &Amber Bells
96324AG0SW Aged Gold Swarovski Med Sapphire &White Bells
96324AG0TE Aged Gold Swarovski Golden Teak w/Amber Bells
96324AG0TW Aged Gold Swarovski Golden teak w/White Bells
96324AG0ZE Aged Gold Swarovski Topaz w/Amber Bells
96324AG0ZW Aged Gold Swarovski Topaz w/White Bells